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Individual therapy is a process through which a person explores their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. The aim of individual therapy is to garner insights, facilitate change and improve a person's quality of life.  Areas of specialization include:

  • Gender

  • Sexuality

  • Deepening emotional growth and health

  • Mindful living

  • Radical self-acceptance and love

  • Trauma/Abuse

  • Life transitions

  • Grief and loss

We might be a good fit if you...

...need a safe and affirming space to tend to your needs with compassionate care.

...are open and curious about your self, your experiences and the world and are fed up with feeling stuck or lost or generally shitty

(no, they didn't teach me that kind of language in graduate school). 

...are a deep thinker and feeler who holds an appreciation and understanding of your emotional experiences or at least desire to have such a relationship with these parts of your self. 

...need to burn some shit down to make room for your needs, dreams and truths.

We might not be a good fit if you...

...need support for significant and persistent struggles with clinical levels of anxiety and depression.

...desire highly structured skills-based work like CBT or DBT.

...feel forced or pressured into therapy before you are truly ready.

...are living with marked and active instability--suicidality, self-injury or untended addictions.

...are clinging to hopes of being "fixed" by a therapist.

...are a kid or teen whose needs are not centered around sexuality and/or gender care.

 My aim in providing gender care is to help folks understand and embrace their unique gender and navigate any changes needed to live their best life. There is no single story line and no linear path so everyone's gender care will look different.  I work with people of all ages, including young children.

Topics I often explore:

  • Gender experience and development

  • Gender education and awareness

  • Transition options: Social, Medical, Surgical

  • Support through transitions

  • Family support work

  • Medical needs and access

  • Updating documents

  • Navigating School/Work

  • Accessing/Building community

I write letters of support for medical and surgical interventions.  I work to minimize gatekeeping and other barriers to care.

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